Lightroom Presets & Pro-Tools


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Lightroom Presets

The “Lightroom Preset Pack” includes 12 different looks. With eight color presets and four black & white looks, you have a variety of possibilities to edit your photos. All presets are aimed towards a film look and offer quick and easy customization to fit your photo perfectly.

Lightroom Pro Tools

With the “Lightroom Pro Tool” you got the possibility to quickly add different grain profiles, change the color temperature and use predefined gradients. With the intention to quickly change the mood and look of a preset, these tools are the optimal companion to the presets.


Lightroom Preset Pack (8 color looks & four black & white looks)
Lightroom Pro Tools (grain presets, color looks & predefined gradients)
Installation & quick start guide

Further Information

These presets work with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.
Lightroom Mobile is not supported.
While the presets offer a lot of versatility and predefined looks, the final result always depends on the raw image and how it was shot, rather than using them as the “one-click” solution, you should see them as an orientation and start for your own look and color-grading.


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