Documenting what I see rather than staging the perfect picture. That's what I strive for with every image & movie I create.

Let me introduce myself.

With over five years of experience in the media industry, I with brands like: Porsche, Teufel Audio, Capitla watches, various Nightclubs and more. I am always on the search for new and challenging tasks. The main goals is always the same: tell a story in a honest and real way. Since 2016 I am part of the core team at SAM – Spots And More GmbH.

Selected Work


Feinschliff portraits the carpenter Andereas Janson and his work. In a four-minute film you get to know what drives Andreas and what makes this job’s so special to him. Feinschliff was part of my final exam and I created the concept, was the cameraman and edited the movie.


Surfing in the cold water of Norway or Scotland is something only a few have yet tried. Together with Finn Springborn and Philipp Sigmund the movie Re.Discover was created. I edited the movie and shot pictures for the Wave & Woods magazine.

Blueport Backstage

Blueport Backstage i a documentary about the work on one of Hamburgs trademark projects. For 45 minutes the viewer gets exclusive inside with the team of HG-Technik. I edited this movie at SAM and also was the second cameraman.ive provides establishes and upcoming musicians in and around Hamburg the chance to present live concerts and talks. The format was created by SAM-Spots And More, and I am responsible for the website, the live editing and artist photography.


Film Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro & AVID Media Composer
Photography & Layout - Adobe Creative Cloud
Webdesign - wordpress & HTML + CSS
Animation & Technical Direction - After Effects & JavaScript


Sören Franck

Photographer & Editor

Waldenburger Kehre 4

22851 Norderstedt