Oceans Apart


If we were made out of water

Reticence. Just the two of us and the never ending sounds of the waves breaking on the shore. I take your hand. You firmly press it on your chest. I can feel every goose bump on your skin, and you know I am equally enamored as you are. A tingle runs from my to the tip of my head through each and every vain.

The last light rays flood the ocean in a golden ambience. After all the light is gone and the sky tints to a magic blue and purple, no more words are needed. We lay down, look up to the slowly appearing stars in the sky. Like another ocean we have yet to discover.

I would cross oceans for you and know you would do the same for me. You press your head on my chest. Slowly my heartbeat starts to rise. I know you felt it, even though you didn’t say a word.

The moment we both craved for but were afraid to try. Your lips slowly touch mine. Everything fades away. Like a wave you drag my body underwater and pull me into the darkness. Slowly the last light disappears.