A carpenters portrait.

Feinschliff portraits the carpenter Andreas Janson. This movie shows what makes the job so special to him and how he got to be the person he is now. After he studied architecture he began to work as a carpenter and has been doing this for fifteen years now. Nowadays two of his kids also help him and learn from their father.

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From concept to film.

This movie was part of my final exam. I had to come up with the idea and figure out how to realize it. Even tho the main topic was given to us, we were free in how we approached it and what type of film we wanted to create. I decided to go for a classical portrait that documents Andreas work and was real and honest.


Idea & Concept: Soeren Franck
Camera: Soeren Franck
Camera Assistant: Alisha Buhr
Sound: Lasse Franck
Edit & Post Production: Soeren Franck
Music: Somnus by Rhian Sheehan

(c) All rights are reserved. If you are interested in publishing or using some of my work, contact me via pm or contact@soerenfranck.com