From Hamburg to Singapore.

I have always been most interested in taking portraits. For me there is something magical about meeting new people and capture them as natural and honest as possible. Back then I would have never dreamed that I get to met people from Uruguay, Hong-Kong and more. Photography connects and that’s what makes it special to me. 

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Matte Paper
Portrait Series

The beauty of the soul.

Faces gives you an inside of some of the portraits I took from 2018 to 2019. I got to met so many cool and interesting people and I can only hope that my images reflect these feelings. The book is limited to 25 copies and can be bought in my shop. Thank you to everyone how participated, and I can’t wait to be back with you! Thanks: Svea, Malou, Sarah, Matthew, Maischa, Hannah, Steffi, Florian, Duygu, Allegra, Melina, Ravn, Kathi, Maylin, Robin, Jil, Nina, Milli, Aileen, Carolina, Anna, Anne, Flo, Jenny.

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