Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond. My next photobook will feature 420 pages of photography and text: personal and raw. I am currently working on the layout and the final images. The book will be launched in fall of 2020 and im excited to share it with you!

“It’s that feeling of being alone at night. Searching for the answers you didn’t ask, with all those thoughts in your head. Wandering down the empty streets with that new song banging in your chest. This is my own safe zone. I love being alone but I hate being lonely.”

Featured in this book: Trips to Italy, Denmark, Tenerife and Norway. Portraits of Svea, Jenny, Malou and more. 30 Pages of text.

Content: 150mg nature paper
Size: A4 Portrait, 420 Pages
Images and Layout: Sören Franck
Print: V1; 20 Books


Fine-Art Prints

“Pictures really do come alive when you hold them in your hands. You can feel the magic and the stories they tell you.”

40cm x 30cm prints, 8 motives, 15,00€



Faces is a portrait photobook. Over the past two years I got to met a lot of interesting people through photography. In this book I collected all of these portraits and memories. On 300 Pages you can have a closer look and experience unseen pictures.

“There is something magical about meeting someone you have never before seen. I try to capture these feelings in my pictures and keep the beautiful memories alive this way.”

Featured in this book: Svea, Malou, Sarah, Matthew, Maischa, Hannah, Steffi, Florian, Duygu, Allegra, Melina, Ravn, Kathi, Maylin, Robin, Jil, Nina, Milli, Aileen, Carolina, Anna, Anne, Flo, Jenny

Cover: 300mg Softcover
Content: 135mg matt paper
Size: A5 Portrait, 300 Pages
Images and Layout: Sören Franck
Print: V1; 20 Books