Marc Breede at the German Kitesurf Masters

Back in the summer of 2017 I had the pleasure to be at the German Kitesurf-Masters. With my good friend Marc Breede, a rider for Slingshot Germany, I spent four days in St. Peter Ording. Our plan was to create photos and Videos for his social-media. From the first day the weather was kind of up and down. Luckily they were able to finish the contest with a windy day. Marc unfortunately had to compete against the German Champion Linus Erdmann in round one and got eliminated. Still, it was a super fun experience and wild days.

Over the four days od competition I documented the whole event. I mainly took picture of and for Marc Breede, a rider for the slingshot kite team.
Film & Edit
In addition to the photos I also did a aftermovie for Marc and his sponsors. The film was shot and edited entirly by me.