Feinschliff – A Carpenters Portrait

“FEINSCHLIFF” portraits the carpenter Andreas Janson. In four minutes the viewer gets to know Andreas and what makes the work so special for him. The portrait was a main part of my final exam in the apprenticeship as a media designer in motion picture and sound. Over the span of 2 months we had to create a four minute film from start to finish. In the production-time of eighteen hours I had to do a concept, produce the film as well as finish the post-production including sounddesign and color grading. Andreas Janson works as a carpenter for over fifteen years now. Originally he studied architecture. To pay the study costs he worked as a carpenter on the site. The hobby turned into a profession after he finished his education. Now he works as a full time carpenter but also teaches at a university in Hamburg, Germany. Besides his love for wood, Andreas also enjoys his time with his three kids. Two of them even started to work in the workshop and learn everything their father teaches them.

Idea & Concept
The starting point of every good film is a well thought idea turned into a concept. For our final exam we had to choose one of three main topics. My choice was “My furniture”. After I had the main topic I started to search for woodworkers in my region. I wanted to portrait a carpenter who was special so I quickly came across Andreas work. Besides his love for nature and concerns about the environment his so called “Bautagebuch” in which he documents the steps of his work made him really interesting.After I got into contact with Andreas we quickly met and discussed our ideas. I really liked his open mindset. For our exam we had to write down a concept as well as a storyboard and more. After everything got accepted I started to plan the shoot.
In the production time of 6 hours I filmed Andreas in his work environment. My goal was to document his steps and keep it as natural as possible. Besides the work situations I interviewed Andreas for half an hour. The interview gives the foundation of my film and shows what makes the work of Andreas so special. The film was shot on a Sony FS7 with the Fujinon 18-55 and the Fujinon 50-135 cine lenses. All the scenes were shot on a tripod to give the film a certain look and feel. With the use of the tripod I was able to give the film a certain peace.
In the post production the impression and the interview were combined to tell the story of Andreas in a length of four minutes. With the use of music I added a second layer of emotion to the frames. For the title design and the additional graphics I used After Effects. After I finished the basic edit and the graphic design I started with the sound design in Adobe Audition. Besides correcting the sound of the interview, I also added a lot of additional sounds and atmosphere. Last but not least I did the final color correction inside Davinci Resolve. Since everything was recorded in SLog-3 there was plenty room for primary and secondary grading.

Idea and Concept – Soeren Franck

Camera – Soeren Franck

Camera Assistant – Alisha Buhr

Sound Lasse – Franck

Edit And Post-Production – Soeren Franck

Music – Somnus by Rhian Sheehan

Special Thanks – Andreas Janson, Alisha Buhr, Lasse Franck, SAM – Spots And More GmbH

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