Vejers Strand – Denmark

Another wave hits the beach. The sound of the ocean will never lose its magic to me. It has something calm yet powerful. I take your hand. No words needed. The both of us look up to the sky. An endless ocean of stars. A million stories no one ever told. I don’t know what you think in moments like this and I don’t need to know. It’s the fact, the we both share  moments like this. In this moments I tend to forget everything and lose touch to reality. Here I am with you and no one can take our place away from us. A shooting star passes through the sky. Without even looking at you I can tell we had the same thought in our heads. The wish to stay in this moment forever. To never loose the connection. You are the one particle in the universe that keeps me alive. Regardless of where we are or how far we are apart, we will always be connected through this moment. You are my cosmos!