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Since my passion for photography started, I always wanted to take portraits as my main pictures. I took me a long time to gain the confidence to ask for people to shoot with me. There were a lot of uncertainties, whether I would be able to turn my ideas into something real. Maischa was the first „stranger“ that took pictures with me. Even though I was really nervous and not confident at that time, I learned so much. Its the feeling of meeting someone unknown and show that feeling in pictures. Trying to get the emotions and wonderful details into composition is fascinating.

I immediately fell in love with this type of photography. Its wonderful to see how many people you can meet with a simple hobby. Hearing their story’s and learning from them is a beautiful experience and one I never want to miss.

Photography helped me to come out of me. It helped me to feel free and clear my mind as well as gaining new inspiration. It makes me feel alive.

Sincerely, Sören Franck

Welcome to Venice