A little something about myself.

I am a twenty-three years old content-creator from Hamburg, Germany with over five years of experience in media and design. My focus is set to: photography, editing and animation.


The connection between the photographer and his protagonists is without a doubt the most important aspect when shooting portraits and reportage. Both parties need to feel completely comfortable and open themselves to each other. That’s why I want my pictures to feel as authentic as possible rather than having the perfectly staged image.

Film & Animation

A moving picture always allows for more depth and complex information. Whether it’s an emotional wedding ceremony or a touching portrait. The challenge is always identical: show the people and tell their story as authentic as possible. Combined with sleek and thoughtful animations the final movie will set itself apart from the mass.

Edit & Post-Production

The final touches and little details are most likely the parts that set your product apart from the variety of content out there. The pace of the cut and the subtle yet effective use of colors make the difference in every product. Every change is subtle yet effective and always helps to aim for the best result possible, both for the customer and the creator.

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Infanatic Hardstyle Aftermovie – Camera & Edit

Porsche Cayenne Turbo – Camera Assistant

BLUEPORT BACKSTAGE – Eine Hamburg Geschichte. – Edit & Graphic

Re.Discover – Coming Soon

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