Hey there,

A little something about myself.

I am a twenty-two year’s old content creator from Hamburg, Germany with over five years of experience in media and design. My focus is set to portrait and documentary photography.

01. Photography
The most important part in the process of taking pictures is the connection of the photographer and the protagonist. Both parties need to feel completely comfortable and open themselves to each other. That’s why I love to strive for the real moments rather than a staged picture.
02. Film & Animation
Back when I started to dig into the „design-world“, the first steps I took were mainly in 3D and Animation. From simple Logo-Animations to more complex visual effects, I can help you to realize your future project. Now I am also heavily involved in shooting movies and feature films. In the past I shoot commercials, concert films and more.
03. Edit & Post-Production
The final touches and little details are most likely the parts that set your product apart from the variety of content out there. The pace of the cut and the subtle yet effective use of colors make the difference in every product.

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